IMPORTANT: New Training Webinar.

5 Step Simple Successful Marketing Plan

(Attract ideal clients, simplify your business, serve more people in 2019)

In this LIVE workshop Patty will share:

      • Step by step what Patty does to plan her year so you can use her system to create YOUR success
      • The one question 90% of purpose-driven entrepreneurs avoid answering that will significantly affect the clients you attract and the impact you have on them in 2019
      • What you can stop doing in your marketing that will free up 3-5 hours a week and increase the power of your marketing by at least 50%
      • How to determine exactly what marketing your ideal clients will respond to in 2019 (and will help them in the process)



  • Saturday, December 15
  • 10:00 AM Eastern
  • 7:00 AM Pacific

Disclaimer - This training is meant for you if you are a purpose driven entrepreneur that just wants to be able to help your people and care for yourself and your family in the process. If your number one concern is how to make money and your potential customers are simply a path to that money, you will likely find this training frustrating. Please don’t register if that is the case.