Attention: Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs!

Do you have an amazing service you are ready to offer to the world in a BIG way but just don’t seem have the sales that reflect how truly awesome you are?

Dear Purpose Driven Entrepreneur,

Service-based purpose driven entrepreneurs like us can often struggle with sales.  You like to help people.  You want to be of service.   You are a giver.  Asking for money in exchange for what you are giving can feel challenging.
But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be.  And I’m ready to show you how to transform your relationship to sales!  In this fun, informative training I will share with you:
•    An easy-to-use spreadsheet that will show you why you are probably better at sales than you think and show you exactly what you need to do to start booking A LOT more sales
•    The three pieces of sale data you MUST track to move your sales to 6 Figures and beyond
•    The simple sales conversation process that increased my sales 300% when I implemented it and can do this and more for you!
•    The mindset shift that will turn sales into a delicious extension of your work in the world and be the part of your business you LOVE the most!
•    And a few other juicy tidbits bound to put money in the bank and peace in your heart!
With Love,
Patty Lennon