Hi there! I’m Patty Lennon, National Speaker, Author and Coach. 50 Speaking Gigs in 50 Weeks is the culmination of hundreds of requests to teach a system I’ve only shared with private clients until now.

In 2012, a mentor challenged me to do 50 speaking gigs in 50 weeks. The intention was to transform my stage presence and speaking platform with intense focus.

When I started the challenge I was speaking a few times a year. I loved it and I wanted more!

I completed the challenge – speaking at 50 events – in just under 46 weeks. That challenge transformed both my speaking platform and relationship to the stage and I want to help you create that transformation for yourself.

I’ve often been asked how I completed that challenge (and most importantly how I found all those speaking engagements when I was starting out from scratch.) I’ve wanted to teach my system for so long but the time never seemed right … until now.

In this Powerful Virtual Workshop I’m going to share exactly how I booked 50 speaking gigs in less than 50 weeks, created abundance from the stage and how you can as well!

If doing 50 Speaking Gigs in 50 Weeks seems a tad bit too intense for you, don’t worry. Doing 50 Speaking Gigs in 50 Weeks isn’t critical to jump start your speaking platform, but there is a tipping point in speaking. In this one-day event you’ll learn where that tipping point is, how to reach it and so much more!

Would You Love to Elevate Your Brand, Increase Sales And Grow Your List All At The Same Time?

Public speaking is a powerful tool that can achieve all these results and much more! Sharing your message from the stage has the power to increase your visibility and create a powerful connection with potential clients in a way that creates results both in your visibility and your bottom line. 

You’ve probably known for some time you should be speaking more but just haven’t gotten around to making that happen. I understand and I can help you. Four years ago I took on the challenge to do 50 speaking gigs in 50 weeks and I want to share what I learned in that pivotal year. 

In this easy to use program you will get my simple blueprint to growing your speaking platform in just 1-2 hours a week. You will never guess if you are taking the right actions to grow your marketing and sales with speaking. 


  • The idea of doing 50 Speaking Gigs in 50 Weeks sounds really exciting
  • The idea of doing 50 Speaking Gigs in 50 Weeks makes you want to throw up but you still want to do it
  • You have an important message to share and know you are meant to share it from the stage

Whether you have spoken often and would like speaking to be a more consistent part of your business development or if you are just starting to dip your toe in the water of the wonderful world of speaking you’ll be excited and inspired by this one day event.


  • 6 Hours of recorded training where I personally walk you through the entire blueprint strategy
  • Worksheets that guide you through the training
  • Checklists on everything you need from preparing your speaker one sheet to preparing to take the stage
  • Sample Meeting Planner outreach emails and communications
  • Sample Speakers Contract
  • Sample One Sheet
  • BONUS: My Premium Guide: 12 Simple Ways to Generate Speaking Engagements

Once you invest in this program, it's yours to keep. There are no time limits.