Doors Open: 50 Speaking Gigs Blueprint 

LIVE a Life of Exponential Growth Through Speaking

The 50 Speaking Gigs Blueprint System

A 4-Week Online Course that will teach you a step-by-step process to building your speaking platform...

...Along with a full toolkit that includes done-for-you outreach emails, speaker one sheet templates and a sample speakers contract.  

Step-by-Step & Easy to Follow System

This system is designed for people who are serious about growing their speaking platform.  

The 50 Speaking Gigs Blueprint with show you what to do and how to do it but you must be willing to take action on what you learn in order to experience success.  

Step-by-Step & Easy to Follow Training Videos & Handouts 

Every training is focused and to the point where Patty will share her system she's learned over her 10+ years of speaking. 

Patty will share everything she has learned as a coach and being a successful speaker. 

Tools to Succeed 

Are you ready to be an in-demand speaker that achieves outstanding and sustainable results? These tools to succeed will give you the turbo-boost you need to do just that.

Tools to help you achieve your goals and contribute your success. These tools are waiting for you on the inside and ready to help you achieve your speaking goals. 

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What is the 50 Speaking Gigs Blueprint?

"A 4-week system to building your speaking platform and becoming an in-demand speaker"

The 50 Speaking Gigs Blueprint is a proven and tested 4-week online training program that teaches you how to get more speaking engagements and increase your client base while growing your brand and influence at the same time! 

The information is available in an online training platform and provided via videos, audio guides and PDF's.  

You can complete the training in your own time from anywhere in the world.  

Supported by TOOLS TO SUCCEED, this is not your typical "course".

This is a proven training program where you follow steps to land more speaking gigs, get more clients, make more money and gain the confidence you need to succeed over the next 4 weeks.  

It doesn't matter if you've never been on a stage before or are not fully clear on what your message is, everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

Here's What You'll Get Inside

50 Speaking Gigs Blueprint is broken down into 4 Core Training Modules 

All course materials, including streaming videos, audio guides, workbooks, and more are within our online training portal so that you can learn at your own pace and from anywhere. 

Module 1: Foundation of Success 

Part 1 Get Moving  

In this Module, you'll learn:

  • the mindset shift that will get you over the overwhelm you feel in building your speaking platform and show you how to find the time you need to get more bookings  
  • How to identify the subtle tactics your ego is using to keep you from succeeding in growing your speaking platform so you can stop them once and for all.  
  • Practical techniques to conquer any body image issues that are keeping you off the stage  
  • How to use the deep connection you have to your purpose on stage to create a powerful experience of transformation for your audience.
  • Learn the surprising reason your soul holds the key to getting a standing ovation every time  
  • You’ll learn where to find the best speaking engagements for your business and brand so that you never waste your time on a stage that isn’t right for you.  

BONUS: Find the hidden challenge Patty gives to everyone that takes the program. If you complete it you’ll get a special gift!  

Part 2 Transforming Your Audience  

  • Why having a small audience can create huge returns for your wallet and your brand  
  • Patty will share the truth about speaking for free and why you may make a lot more money speaking for free AND add more value to the lives of the people in your audience  
  • When it’s ok to turn down a speaking engagement (in fact sometimes it’s a really good thing!)  
  • How to eliminate the icky feeling you get from selling from the stage and what to do instead  
  • How to stop blocking the sales that will naturally come from speaking because you “feel bad” telling your audience how to work with you  
  • Understand how to find the perfect balance of information and inspiration for your audience so they benefit from your talk and still have a desire to work with you more  
  • How to shift from connecting with your audience on an intellectual level to connecting with them on an emotional level (Hint: Your clients will buy from you because you make them FEEL something, not because you made them THINK something)  

Module 2: Making the Plan

Part 3 - Finding Engagements

In this Module, you'll learn: 

  • What to include in your speakers bio that will make you more attractive to the people looking to book you.  
  • How to easily book 10, 20 or 50 speaking gigs over the next year even if you’ve only been booked once or twice before  
  • What to include in your speakers application that will get you moved right to the top of the pile (Hint: most speakers completely leave this out of their application so it will really set you apart)  
  • How to use other people’s help to find the best speaking engagements for you  
  • How to make google your best friend in getting booked on bigger stages  

Part 4 - Crafting Your Personalized Plan  

  • The unique system that lays out step by step how to build your speaking platform in a way that is 100% customizable to your lifestyle and schedule  
  • How to fill your speaking calendar, with only 1-2 hours a week of work. The key is using that time effectively and Patty will show you exactly what to do with that time 
  • You’ll even learn how to organize your speaking tasks so that you are making the most of your outreach time to meeting planners and event organizers each week 
  • How to outsource 50 - 75% of the work in finding speaking gigs to your VA so you can focus on building relationships and making money!  
  • How often to follow up with meeting planners who haven’t responded to your request so that you stay top of mind without being annoying  
  • What email you need to unsubscribe from if you want to be a successful speaker. (Seriously, this one holds most speakers back and it’s an easy fix!)

Module 3: Getting Booked  

Part 5 - Meeting Planner Outreach

In this Module, you'll learn: 

  • How to make meeting planners fall in love with you, even if you have no idea what to say right now  
  • What you should never do if you want a meeting planner or event organizer to book you for her event and what to avoid doing on stage if you want to get booked again  
  • Why saying no to the “wrong” speaking engagements can get you better quality speaking engagements in the future (and how to determine what the “right” ones are)  
  • Patty will provide you with scripts and sample outreach emails that you can copy and paste so you don’t struggle with what to say 
  • How much to charge as a speaker, even if you don’t consider yourself an “expert”. Yes, there is a “right” answer and Patty will show you what it is  

Part 6 - Getting Booked  

  • How to create a powerful speaker one sheet, even if you have no idea what a speaker one sheet is  
  • Patty will give you a template so all you have to do is drag and drop the information you already have to create a powerful speaker asset  
  • How to title your talks so you not only increase the number of bookings you get, you get the right audience excited to hear you before you even take the stage  
  • The social media strategy that is essential to growing your speaking platform (Hint: it's not what you’d expect) and why you can stop doing almost everything else.  
  • How to get loads of speaking invitations flowing into your inbox, even if you have zero right now
  • There is a tipping point in every speakers journey and Patty will show you what to do to hit it so the invitations start pouring in  
  • You’ve heard you need a fancy speaker’s reel and other speaker assets to get booked on big stages, right? Wrong!  
  • Patty will show you exactly what you need to get started immediately and the easiest way to create the rest as you go along

Module 4: Owning Your Stage

Part 7 - Once you get booked 

In this Module, you'll learn: 

  • When it makes sense to join a speaker bureau and/or a speakers agent (Hint: probably never)  
  • What to include in your speakers contract that will protect you and build a healthy relationship with meeting planners  
  • How to use the process you’ve learned to get booked as a speaker to get booked by the press  
  • Patty's secret strategy that creates massive results for the audience and has meeting planners booking her for follow up workshops before she even left the room
  • What to do right before and after your speaking engagement to create massive marketing power far beyond the audience you speak to  

Part 8 - Success on Stage  

  • What you need to do (physically and emotionally) prior to taking the stage to perform at your highest level on stage 
  • How to operate on stage if you are an empath and are highly sensitive to other people’s emotions  
  • How to get lots of clients from the stage, even if you hate to sell  
  • You’ll learn how to structure your talk so that your ideal client will ask to work with you as soon as you get off the stage 
  • You’ve seen those speakers with a big cheesy sales pitch and probably wondered if that is what you need to make sales from the stage. You do not need a big cheesy sales pitch - I promise!
  • Storytelling is a much more powerful methodology to getting your ideal clients attention 
  • In this program you’ll learn how to use storytelling to replace big cheesy sales pitches on stage
  • Why NOT making an offer from the stage can be the best long-term growth strategy for your business  
  • The Truth about using slides in your presentation and why you should eliminate them most of the time  
  • What to do if you get on stage and forget what you were going to say  
  • How to read the room so that you know the exact perfect offer to make from the stage to create the greatest abundance in your business  
  • Why your most challenging experiences will create your greatest power when you take the stage
  • Say goodbye to dreaming about being a well known speaker and start being one!  

Beyond what's already incluced, the 50 Speaking Gigs Blueprint also includes other critical TOOLS TO SUCCEED to give you the support you need to excel in your speaking platform. 

Done For You Outreach Emails  

You get the exact email Patty uses when she reaches out to meeting planners that you can literally copy and paste and send out.  

You won’t have to second guess if you are saying the right thing. Patty's already written it for you and we know it works.  

Sample Speaker Contract

Do you ever wonder if you should have a contract when you speak or what to include in it?  

Have no fear, we have that all covered here. Patty will show you what she uses and when and why she uses it.  

Speaker One Sheet Template

Patty will tell you what to include and what you can leave out so you know exactly what to include in your speaker one sheet to get the attention of meeting planners and event organizers.  

(Don’t worry if you don’t know what a speaker one sheet is - Patty will explain it in this program:)

Guide to Finding Speaking Engagements

This guide will give you 12 unique, proven methods for locating and booking speaking engagements in front of your ideal audience.  

And here is the best part… 8 of these methods can be executed in less than 10 minutes from your computer right now. 

By the end of the program, you’ll have a system of repeatable – and profitable – practices and tools to effectively become an in-demand speaker with ease.

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People Who Now Have the Life and Business They Always Dreamed of by Implementing the 50 Speaking Gigs Blueprint Sytem. 

One client increased her business revenue from $30,000 to $70,000 by only doing unpaid speaking engagements. Because this program showed her how to quickly and easily find and book events with her ideal client base she didn’t even need to add extra hours to her week to accomplish this growth. Speaking worked so well for her that she was able to stop doing almost all other marketing and focus exclusively on her speaking.  

Another client told me she was relieved that she finally had a way to sell without being sales-y. In this program you learn to use story and the process of transformation to engage your audience, create results and have people raise their hands to work with you without having to turn your high quality speech into a 45 minute sales pitch.  

“I really thought doing 50 speaking gigs would be overwhelming. Now that I see it will only take me 1-2 hours a week to make this possible AND I also see how my sales will grow it feel so simple!”  

“I’ve known I should be speaking for years but I just never made time for it. Patty gave me a blueprint that lays out exactly what I need to do and that is making it feel completely doable now.”  

“I already booked three speaking engagements and I’m still surprised how easy it was. Why wasn’t I doing this before?!!!”  

What would happen if in three days you had 2 speaking engagements on your calendar? How would that feel?  

What if three months from now you had 10?  

Or even 20 speaking engagements booked? And each of those engagements had the power to grow your tribe, make you money and serve your audience at the highest level possible?  

You’ll learn how to make money with every speaking engagement you do (even if you don’t get paid to do it.!)  

Yeah, that would be pretty cool, huh! So why are you still reading this?!!! Enroll now. 

"I have seen Patty speak several times to hundreds of women and I can't say enough about her incredible prowess of the business world and how we can make heart centered income! She is motivational to the core with witty prose to keep everyone's attention - and she deeply resonates with women of all types and can see it on their faces when she speaks."  

~Judy Goss, Founder Over 40 Females

"An enthusiastic and generous speaker, Patty is a delight. I’ve heard her speak a few times, and her realness sets her apart. Patty genuinely wants others to understand her message, and she connects quickly and easily with her audiences, no matter how large. She’s speaks TO people—not AT them, and leaves others feeling that they are a valued just by being there. She would be a great addition to any conference or workshop." ~Susan Tabor-Kleiman, Founder Your Professional Writer

"Seeing Patty speak is like watching the Macy's Fourth of July fireworks. She's bright, sparks self-awareness and lights up faces. She is a truth-speaking, no-excuse-making, tell-it-like-it-is speaker who entertains - while inspiring and teaching her audiences. "  

~Carolyn Herfurth, Founder The Biz Truth

My Happiness Guarantee

I’m giving you 7 days to try this program and if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of training, tools and support you receive just let me know and I’ll refund your payment, no questions asked.  

Start Growing Your Speaking Platform Now with This Powerful Process AND Limited Time BONUS of Private Coaching.  

P.S. If you are the type of person who just skips to the end of a page to see what the deal is here it is:  

This program will give you the step by step process to building your speaking platform, along with a full toolkit that includes done-for-you outreach emails, speaker one sheet templates and a sample speakers contract.  

The most important thing for you to know is that right now, through the end of August, I’m offering a limited time bonus that is worth more than the cost of the program. You will get not one, but TWO private coaching sessions with me when your purchase this program this month.  

If that sounds good to you grab your 50 Speaking Gigs Blueprint and bonuses now.  

My greatest desire is that you join the many, many clients who have realized their dream in building a successful speaking platform through this system.  

If there is something more Patty, or our team can do to help you succeed please let us know. Email our online business manager, Josie, at with any requests or questions.  

About Your Host: Patty Lennon

Patty is a business coach, keynote speaker and best selling author that inspires audiences to lead and sell with passion and purpose. 

She is an expert business coach that believes our businesses are not only a way to make money and contribute to our fellow humans but also a conduit for our soul’s evolution.  

Patty is committed to helping her fellow entrepreneurs learn to grow their businesses from a place of love rather than fear and experience the true power, prosperity and peace that arises when they do. 

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