Tuesday, Feb 14th 1:00 PM EST, 10:00 AM PST

Free Virtual Workshop Reveals...

3 Actions You Can Take Today to Move Your Business Forward 

(even when everyone around you is going crazy)

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This Virtual Workshop Starts In


Through this free virtual workshop you will:

Learn what you can stop doing now that is wasting a lot of time and giving you no results in your business so that you have more time to do what does work.

Learn how to grow sales and allow in other forms of abundance by removing what has been blocking the goodness you deserve.

Get back to the point of this whole crazy entrepreneurial journey you started on, which was to help people while experiencing freedom in life and business.

Plus FREE Registration Bonus: Register for this virtual workshop now and I'll send you my KickAss Time Management Training- One of the biggest challenges most entrepreneurs face is finding the time necessary to move key projects forward, create marketing copy and network more

Before you read further, here is what I want you to know: 

I’ve got your back sister! You are not crazy. Staying focused has gotten much harder recently but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you feel overwhelmed or just frozen in place, I’m going to show you the way out. 

You are not alone.

The current social and political environment is enough to send people off track. But you aren’t like everyone else. You are a sensitive person, which means even when people aren’t speaking to you about the craziness, you FEEL the craziness. 

People like you (and me) need different strategies and action plans for creating success, especially when the energy around us goes a little wonky. I want to help you get there.

Through this virtual workshop I’m going to break down three important actions you can take that will drastically improve the time you have available to work, the level of abundance flowing into your life and also the sense of purpose you have in running your business.

These actions will ground you and help you focus. I promise that these actions are clear and very DOABLE. And the best part is that two of the three actions involve you stopping what isn’t working, so your life is going to get a lot easier and more fun. (You remember what fun is, right?) 

So are you in? 

Join me on February 14 (Valentines Days!) so I can pour a whole heaping pile of love on you during this virtual workshop, 3 Actions You Can Take Today to Move Your Business Forward (Even When Everyone Around You is Going Crazy)

The Virtual Workshop will last approximately 45 minutes followed by up to 45 minutes of open Q&& time.  

Virtual Workshop replay will be available for 72 hours. We encourage you to attend live to have the opportunity to ask questions during the live Q&A portion of the training because this is going to be juicy!!!